3 Ways To Tone

Posted on November 29 2019

3 Ways To Tone


Using a toner is an essential step in your routine, and one that you should never skip. Did you know that it’s also a versatile tool that you can apply on your face at any moment of the day? Here are 3 ways you can get a bang for your buck and for your skin everyday using your favourite toner.

1. Effortless Extra Cleansing

Use a toner to remove the last invisible layer of residue, dirt and bacteria out of your skin after cleansing. You can apply a few sprays of the Stem Cell Holistic Mist to a pad for a gentle daily exfoliation, dislodging any impurities that may remain in the pores.


2. Wake Your Skin Up

Whether you’re on the go or simply need an afternoon pick-me-up, spritzing a toning mist on your face is the easy, breezy way to hydrate your skin. A few spritzes of the Dewy Face Clinical Mist will give your face a healthy glow with weightless hydration.

3. Fresh-faced at any time of day

You can use a toning solution as a setting spray. It will not only help your make-up stay put; you will also achieve that dewy look by spraying it on your face as the final touch.






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