Facial Massage Techniques at Home

Posted on May 02 2020

Facial Massage Techniques at Home


Modern life can be stressful and were all trying to find different ways to reduce pressure and perk up our mood. Pampering our skin is perfect for relaxation and for achieving glowing skin. Facial massage is a great way to rejuvenate, lift and firm the skin while also reducing muscle tension, increasing blood circulation, minimizing the appearance of puffiness and fighting inflammation. However, many of us simply dont have the time to visit a cosmetologist to get a professional treatment. Thankfully, you can treat yourself to a good facial massage, that will leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed, right at home.


What Are the Benefits of Face Massage?

The face has 43 muscles and 300 pressure points that are related to different areas on the body which means that facial massage has a positive impact on the entire body. So, lets have a look at some of the benefits.

A regular facial massage:

- Improves blood flow which helps speed up skin cell renewal and promotes collagen synthesis.

- Has anti-ageing effects by reducing the appearance of fine lines and leaving a more youthful appearance.

- Removes tension and stress from the jaw line, toning and relaxing the muscles at the same time.

- Promotes lymphatic drainage which strengthens the immune system and removes toxins from the body.

- Helps skincare products penetrate better.

-Reduces stress and anxiety, and elevates the mood by activating the sympathetic nervous system.

- Shows good results against insomnia, neck stiffness and headaches.

    Prep Your Skin
    Before you start your at-home face massage, it’s really important to cleanse your skin with a cleanser and even followed by an exfoliant. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, as well.
    Go for a non-comedogenic face oil. Using oil will help your hands or tools glide easily across your skin. Our Sacha Inchi Dry Face Oil is suitable for all skin types and wont clog your pores. It has hyaluronic acid, 14 organic oils and other botanicals to nourish the skin without feeling heavy and greasy. It helps moisturize and firm the skin, while protecting it against harsh environmental conditions.


    Techniques and Tools

    Techniques vary depending on the goal you want to achieve. Some are a bit easier to do at home, others take time to master. The massage can be delicate or more firm but gentle pressure is always important.

    Aesthetician Joanna Czech has helpful videos on her Instagram on how to do an at-home facial massage and the techniques that can be used. Another amazing guide is FaceGym, the team invites you to join their live Instagram masterclasses and learn how to tackle various concerns, such as forehead fine lines or sagging skin. They also demonstrate great techniques that don’t require any tools.

    Your hands are the perfect tool but massagers and rollers are widely used, in order to help skincare products absorb better.



    Jade rolling is a Chinese facial massage practice that has gained popularity all over the world. A jade roller is a tool that can have one or two sides for targeting smaller areas of the face; it is made of jade but you can find rose quartz rollers, as well. It provides a cooling sensation which acts refreshing and de-puffing, helps the absorption of products, promotes lymphatic drainage and lifting.

    Gua sha is another Chinese therapy that uses a smooth-edged tool, called gua that can be made from various natural stones. It reduces inflammation, soothes chronic pain and stimulates microcirculation of the soft tissue which increases blood flow.


    There are various types of face massagers that feature different heads and nodules to refine, tone and sculpt. With regular use, skin looks brighter, puffiness is reduced and a radiant and youthful complexion is revealed.



    Regular face massaging can really improve skin texture and help your skincare products penetrate better. Whether you can do it for one or five minutes a day, youll notice a lot of benefits if you incorporate facial massage into your skincare routine. Face massage is best done in the morning or the evening. Performed in the evening, it helps you feel more relaxed and ready for bed. In the morning, massaging acts de-puffing which makes it perfect to pair with our collagen eye patches. Find what best suits you, facial massage should feel calming and comforting, it should be like a daily ritual for achieving healthy complexion.


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