Hack Your Skincare Routine for Cold Weather

Posted on October 29 2019

Hack Your Skincare Routine for Cold Weather


It’s that time of year again: the temperature drops, forecasting a load of inconvenience (time to cozy up!). While season change is inevitable, your skin doesn’t have to suffer from this transition! No need to reconsider your entire routine — a few adjustments to your regimen can be salutary for your skin and keep your glow into a new season. Here’s a few tips on how to take action on the sneaky and enduring effects of temperature change.


Exfoliation is the number one tool leading to a dewy Fall/Winter complexion. An efficient scrub will not only help to dislodge invisible residual products clogging pores (heavy sunscreen leftovers, lingering powder and more), it will also prompt the skin to regenerate faster, reducing dullness. Always opt for a gentle formula that will not strip your skin of its natural oils, and when it comes to at-home peels, once or twice a week is sufficient. Here’s another pro-tip: season change is the best moment to book a session with your facialist for treatments to rejuvenate transitional skin.




Dehydrated skin is the number one problem caused by colder weather and consequently, the sneaky effects of heaters on skin. Use a hydrating serum to provide in-depth hydration and give your daily moisturizer an extra boost. The Urban Glow Antioxidant Serum is your best bet to restore your skin from damage caused by environmental factors. A few drops of oil, such as Sacha Inchi Dry Elixir Oil, will also build up the water content of your skin and help retain hydration, this formula will also protect it against harsh weather and have your skin naturally glowing. Also, never skip FPS protection — sun damage knows no season, hot or cold!



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  • Carole Brisebois : March 05, 2020

    Je vaudrait avoir la base pour une routine …
    Des conseils …
    J’ai 67 ans et j’ai toujours fait bien attention présentement je prends les produits Bioesthetique comme produit .

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