Your Première Classe Skincare Gift Guide

Posted on December 09 2019

Your Première Classe Skincare Gift Guide


The best presents to give are often the ones you would love to receive. This year, why not give the gift of great skin to your loved ones? There is no doubt that you sharing your secret to great skin will be appreciated, and is there anything better than a thoughtful present? This month, all Première Classe orders are shipped to you wrapped up in a gift box -- ready-to-give, ready-to-glow!


1. Getting Started for the Skincare Rookie


Whether it’s your young cousin craving beauty tips or your work wife always pointing out all your great looks, the Urban Glow Antioxidant Serum is the perfect entry point to the joy of skincare. Not only is its use simple, it’s also an easy one to make you glow with a formula developed to brighten the complexion.


 2. The Mature Skin Pleaser


Show your appreciation to your mother-in-law or your own mama with a proposal to age even more gracefully. The Sacha Inchi Dry Oil’s potent elixir offers firming and anti-aging properties that take action while deeply nourishing the skin, to let the inspiring figures in your life glow. 



 3. No Time to Waste


Do you have that friend who’s always hyper-organized, or the other one who’s always on the go? The Jet-Set pouch will please the busy ladies with its practical purpose that does not sacrifice style, made with a luxurious vegan leather to pack and carry essentials around.




 4. Hail to the Connoisseur


Impress the skincare aficionados in your life with the ultimate essential they didn’t know they needed. The Organic Maple Prevention Serum is designed to rejuvenate the complexion encapsulating its eponymous ingredient, known to boost elasticity, render a firm apperance and illuminate the skin. In addition to its key factor, the formula is packed with vitamins A & C and minerals from organic and always cruelty free solutions. We ethically harvest our Maple Leaf raw materials from our own USDA Certified wild forests in Ontario.




 5. The Night-Owl Saviour


Life is too short to not make the most of it, and sleep shouldn’t be overlooked. Let Silk Dreams come to the rescue for a better sleep and better skin with 100% Mulberry Silk and a soft touch that goes a long way. This Montreal-Designed luxe retains the moisture around the eye area which allows your products to perform significantly.




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