The Première Classe Philosophy


founder's letter


My mission is to formulate organic & clinical grade skincare tailored for environmental shifts.


I founded Première Classe Skincare Inc. in Montreal with the purpose of creating a sanctuary of high quality formulas with curated ingredients, for all skin types & in-flight formats.

The skincare collection is formulated ethically without GMOs, parabens, hydrogenation, toxic preservatives, dyes nor animal testing.

We do not use Palm Oil or derivatives. The Palm Oil industry is destroying the natural habitat of the Orangutan in favor of planting palm oil trees.

We are determined to protect the environment from the toxic chemicals of product run-off and reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions.

I have chosen sustainable products and am committed to a socially conscious practice, because I believe it should be apart of all corporate cultures today. My high performance products are non-comedogenic & TSA approved.

The product assortment currently includes serums, facial mists, under eye patches, lip masks, silk sleeping masks, complementary charcoal face pads and vegan leather pouches. I have chosen these in particular based on my personal in-flight regimen.

Most of my beauty products are made in Canada. All serums & face mists are made in Canada. I collaborate with talented ethical suppliers in the USA & overseas to make my accessory designs come to life. 

Packaging material is a primordial facet of creating our products. We research packaging that takes the least energy to recycle, such as PET plastic. Recycled PET or PETG plastic saves approximately 12,000 BTU's, it is the only plastic that is 100% recyclable. We are working on a new vegetable plastic made from the resin of corn which will produce no extra carbon dioxide when burned. 

We use post consumer recycled printing paper for our labels. Recycled paper saves 60% energy, reduces 95% of air pollution and saves 17 trees/ton of recycled paper. 

Moreover, Première Classe all began with me trying to find specific skincare products pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight and not finding what I was looking for in one place. As I tested the formulas for over 6 months, I realized that Première Classe was not only for frequent flyers.

The fact is that by traveling a lot, not only did I experience the harsh effects on my skin due to flying, I researched it in depth to really understand what was happening to the skin, along with the results of abrupt weather changes.


Nevertheless, it's not only about treating your skin because of the dryness of the air - it's creating a non-toxic skincare routine for temperature and environment changes.


Not only did I want to enhance the experience of people in the self-care community, I wanted to create an effective and practical skincare regimen. 


I'm Valerie Gilday, the founder of Première Classe Skincare.

I was inspired by my own in-flight regimen and created a customizable kit with the essentials of travel skincare which I also use on a daily basis at home.

Clean, clinical, natural and effective ingredients are what I intented on developing and achieved.

To me, skincare is meant to be an enjoyable ritual and that gives limitless benefits. 

Whether it be products that prevent, repair or revitalize - Première Classe has a product for each desire.


Valerie Gilday



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